3 Ways how to screenshot in Asus laptop

Are you user Asus laptop and do you want to screenshot some text or whatever from the browsers or another application, but you don't know how to do it?

Don't worry because in this article I want to share to you 3 Ways how to screenshot in Asus laptop.

Do you want to know how, read this article until ends.

3 Ways how to screenshot in Asus laptop

1. Screenshot using print screen on your keyboard.

First you can take a screenshot on your laptop with print screen on your keyboard.

If you don't know where the place print screen on your keyboard, in keyboard print screen write as prtsc sysrq.

For taking a screenshot with print screen you have to following a few steps:

  • Choose text or whatever do you want to take a screenshot.
  • And then click print screen (prt sc sysrq) button on your keyboard.
  • Open Microsoft Word and the click paste.
  • And your screenshot will be displayed in your Microsoft Word and you can save it.

2. Screenshot using button Prtsc + windows

You can take a screenshot within click button Prtsc + windows simultaneously and the when your screen laptop is blinking its mean your screenshot has been saved.

You can check your result in disks C, open username folder and then pictures folder and then screenshot folder.

3. Using Snipping Tools

Snipping Tools is a windows program which is a tool you can use it for taking a screenshot.

With these tools you can take a screenshot with easy you can save your screenshot without open another application.

To use Snipping Tools, you have to activate Snipping Tools with click "start menu", choose "Windows Accessories" and then choose Snipping Tools.

For taking a screenshot you can click "new buttons" and then when your desktop screen will darken while you select an area do you want to screenshot.

The selection area will enter the snipping tool application, if the selection area isn't according to my wishes, you can repeat it by clicking the new button.

For save your screenshot you can click file and then click save as.

Those are three ways you can do if you want to take a screenshot on your Asus laptop.

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